‘Foci’ (2017)
2.4m (H) x 1.8m (W) x 1.5m (D)
Stainless Steel & 2pac paint

Foci is indicative of natural processes; a reflection of form and sequencing throughout nature that directly connect to scale within the natural world. It seeks to evoke a sense of life. Constructed from 4mm thick folded stainless steel sheet, the folded segments are welded and finished as an entire structure. The internal surfaces are finished in a two-pack paint with etch primer. All welded elements will be ground flat and then rounded to create seamless surfaces and corners.

Brighton Jetty Sculptures 2018 ‘Winner of Best Outdoor Sculpture’
SWELL Sculpture Festival 2018 ‘Winner of Artist Peer Award’

Image 1: Copyright Ben Heide
Image 4: Copyright Rowly Emmett