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‘Tracks’  Major Art Commission (2016)
6.0m (H) x 7.5m (W) x 2.4m (D)
Used railway tracks

Tracks is an ambitious addition to Mount Gambier’s public art landscape.

From a distance the work appears to be two large wheels or rings, but upon closer inspection reveals itself as constructed from railway tracks; giving the impression of being rolled or wound up. The double rings represent the dual railway tracks that once travelled through this space. From some angles the double rings appear to be leaning against each other, symbolising they are now at rest. Their immersion into the ground represents the passing of time and aging.

Beyond visual monument, this sculpture has been an ambitious feat of engineering. The adaptive reuse of discarded railway tracks provides a connection to Mount Gambier’s industrial past. It connects us also, to a slower time of quiet reverie endured by the many passengers peering out of carriage windows upon those journeys long ago.

Image 7 courtesy of The Riddoch Art Gallery