‘Spirited’ (2019)
Four Figurative Elements and Seat: 2.4m (H) x 4.8m (D)
Wall Mural: 5.5m (H) x 30.0 (W)

Driven by the philosophy of people and community, ‘Spirited’ incorporates colourful, figurative forms, playful wayfinding and a 30m mural element.
These sculptural elements convey relaxed, calm postures and a physical engagement with the spaces created within the public area. Through this activation the social life of the community is expressed as relaxed and comfortable.

The bold use of colour brings vibrancy to the precinct, while complementing the existing geometric forms within the new library and broader community facility. A pallet of cross culture patterns and colours were developed through a series of workshops which visually weave together to create a unified expression of community and culture.