‘Origins’ (2017)
Polished stainless steel, 2 pac internal surface

‘Origins’ is indicative of natural processes; a reflection of form and sequencing throughout nature that directly connects to scale within the natural world.

The form is self-referencing; an entity in its own right. The work expresses unfolding and growth, building a visual sense of nurturing, opening and expansion. It is evocative of the wider natural world, from the microscopic to the cosmos. It seeks to evoke a sense of life within the simplicity of the dynamic patterning and replication. Working with reflective stainless steel provides a mirroring of the immediate environment.

The exoskeletal ‘hard’ shell on the outside is indicative of marine forms; such as sea anemones, sea urchins and other marine invertebrates. The warm golden viewable internal surfaces are representative of a life on a cellular level, such as embryonic cells. The subtle use of balance within the vertical axis and horizontal planes creates symmetry within the artwork and the form is open ended to allow looking within and through.

Image 3 and 4 courtesy of Sculpture by the Sea