Lazy Days

‘Lazy Days’ (2018)

90cm (H) x 200cm (W) x 220cm (D)
Stainless Steel & 2pac paint

‘Lazy Days’ expresses the vibrancy of a contemporary Australian beach culture, with the relaxed and laid-back attitude of beach goers. Intimate relationships are playfully displayed to the public eye. The geometric forms and dynamic surface patterning convey the simple shared pleasures of human experience.

The simplified conical forms and junctions elude to the inferred comfort and relaxation within the immediate environment and each other. The intersection of colours and individual patterns play with the relationship of the two figurative elements. The physicality of the forms elude to gender, age and body shape with each externally expressing their individuality. Consideration of the angles and negative space between forms express union, care and independence. The bold use of geometric reds, oranges and pinks include detailed patternation representing individuality, playfulness and vibrancy.

Sculpture For Sight 2018 – ‘Sculpture Prize, Winner’