Imprints of Time

‘Imprints of Time’ (2019)
Northern and Southern Plaza Ground Treatments: approx. 1000m2
9 Pebbles: Various sizes
GRC, Brass, Stainless Steel, Spotted Gum and RGB LED Lighting

Like beach pebbles on the shoreline, these works are indicative of natural objects inherent to the site and coastline that are moved, changed and imprinted in a variety of ways, both by nature and humans. These ‘pebbles’ roll through time and physical space, acquiring and expressing environmental and cultural features.

The ‘pebbles’ were created using a GRC forming process that allowed for the incorporation of inlays, imprints and sculpted patterns by hand.

Artist Karl Meyer and contributing artist Allan Sumner, Aboriginal Contemporary Arts (ACA Studios) in association with Exhibition Studios. Illustrations created in workshops with residents of Minda.

2020 AILA SA Award of Excellence for Parks and Open Space
2020 Healthy Parks Healthy People SA Award – Commendation

Project Team:
Karl Meyer, Exhibition Studios & Allan Sumner, ACA Studios – Public Art
Oxigen – Landscape Architecture & Urban Design
Jensen Plus – Planning & Project Management
Tonkin Consulting – Engineering
Brecknock Consulting – Public Art Brief
Architecture & Access – Access Consultancy
Rider Levett Bucknall – Cost Planning
Green Environmental Consultants (concept phase) – Ecological Consultancy
Disability Consulting Services (concept phase) – Access Consultancy
BluBuilt Construction – Builder

Image 1 & 2: Erik Ruehl

  • Date June 15, 2020
  • Tags Adelaide, Sculpture, South Australia