Fork! Camouflage and Squiggle

‘Fork!’, ‘Camouflage’ and ‘Squiggle’ (2013)
up to 2.5m
Stainless steel, rolled steel. Powder coated.

The work seeks to connect with the contemporary cafe and food culture within Hutt Street and as a free standing element. ‘Fork! affirms the Hutt Street cafe scene, to entertain and provoke enquiry and is seen to be a statement to the independence and identity of Hutt Street as a destination within the broader context of Adelaide.

This artwork was inspired by animal themes and connects with the diversity of animals within the zoo. Evoking childhood memories, it invites the user or passerby to ponder the relationship between ourselves and other animals. Playing with scale and colour, capturing the essence of the richness in diversity, the satin surface finish and smooth form is designed to invite touch, exploration and connection. The work subtly embraces the cycling narrative with it spacing and orientation to the existing brightly coloured rack. Within the entry plaza the form and colouring is conceived to integrate and complement the landscaping and forms. In contrast to the bright yellow bike racks within the space, the circular shapes seek to connect with bicycles wheels and animal diversity.

This artwork speaks to express playfulness and movement, both embodied within the Festival Centre and with cycling. The work seeks to embrace the cycling narrative within the bike racks and interplays with the spiral forms. The double red loops also seek to engage with bicycles wheels. The work uses the form and shape of the circular bike stand in proximity and repetition providing an inviting pathway for the twist and playfully guides itself through the created tubular/spiral form.